The kittens love the sun, and so far, Spring has not disappointed.

(Maybe if I cleaned more instead of took pictures that door wouldn’t look so grimey).

All of our plants are popping up, and some are starting to bloom.




I take zero credit for how our yard looks. It’s all Brooke’s doing. Sure, I may have some great ideas, and yea, maybe even help out from time to time. But I have no green thumb and no knowledge of most things plant-related, and that’s ok with me.


We have a jade plant in the living room that the cats are obsessed with, and constantly try to destroy. I was getting ready for work the other morning and heard a loud thump, to come down and see that the whole plant and the very large ceramic planter it was in was knocked over and on the floor. They are evil. You see? Evil.


All of this warm sunny weather and new plant growth and birds chirping really make me crave change. And I’m talking something a little more than a deep spring cleaning of the house. But what?


I’ve already started roller derby, something I never thought I would ever be able to do – and yes, I still have a long way to go with that – lots of improvements to make and work to be had. But still. I feel a little antsy.


Something will come to me. I hope.


My team plans this weekend, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed that I won’t be bouting with them. Healing and coming back from injury is HARD. Also, it would help tremendously in this endeavor if you were a patient person. And me? Wellll, I have stronger qualities, for sure.


Look at those ladies! So kick-ass <3


3 thoughts on “Springy

  1. I hear you with the kittens. We have to keep our plants completely out of reach otherwise…well, you know. They’re lucky they’re so cute!

    You’re a fighter, kiddo – you’ll be back in no time. xoxo

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