My first tractor trailer ride-a-long

In the beginning of April, Brooke got a really crappy dispatch for a Friday night – she had to leave the yard around 6pm to exchange trailers with another truck in Ohio at 11pm. So, I decided to go with her. I mean, that wasn’t my first choice of action for a Friday night, and I also wasn’t excited about the destination, and I also would be asleep for half of the ride since I had been up since 5:00am that morning, but hey – we’d get to spend some time together! Plus, I’ve always wanted to ride in those big ass trucks.

Here she is, filling out some boring paperwork.

This was on my passenger door. Helpful.

There was A LOT of buttons and gadgets. I felt like we were going to take off in an airplane.

Trucks have a lot of mirrors.

Brooke on the phone with dispatch before we even get started.

We drove through parts of Pennsylvania I had never driven through before. This valley was really pretty, with a cute little white church in the middle.


Once we got on the PA turnpike, the scenery got a little boring, but the conversation and company was good. The absolute worst part about the ride? The passenger seat does not move. AT ALL. Wherever you’re at right now, sit up. Sit up straighter than a stripper pole with your chest out and face looking straight forward. There you go, that’s what it was like to sit in the passenger seat. It’s ok though, I was a trooper – only readjusted myself every 15 minutes or so. Thank goodness that for the latter 5 hour part of the ride would I would be sleeping in the back.


The sun was only up for about two hours of the ride, so I didn’t take many pictures.


When I got to the point where I was super sleepy, I started to read to keep me awake. That made the last few hours go by, and before I knew it, we were in Zainesville, OH at the Love’s truck stop.


After Brooke did her thing, we were back on the road, and I was ready for bed. I cuddled up into the sleeper (which was quite cozy for someone who doesn’t have to do it multiple times a week!) and closed my eyes. And then immediately opened them. This was like trying to go to sleep in a very loud roller coaster that frequently has to brake.


At this point I was up for about 20 hours, so I just let that big ass truck rock me to sleep. Brooke pulled over at some godly hour of the morning, 2 or 3 or something, so she could take a nap. I don’t want to give up my king size bed, but fitting into the twin bed was kind of fun.

We got back to the yard at around 6am. The sun was on its way up and the moon was bright.


Here she is, filling out more boring paperwork.

I kept saying to her throughout the trip, “I can’t believe you drive this thing!!” And it’s true, I really can’t. Those trucks are SO BIG. And people really do drive like assholes. Here are some tips for all of you regular car-driving folks: Don’t cut a tractor trailer off; Don’t brake-check a tractor trailer; and when you see them put on their turn signals, be kind and make room / move over / let them in. These are not easy vehicles to stop quickly, so don’t be an idiot! I can’t believe the extent to which people do not have adequate brain cells.

So yea, I was super impressed for the first 6 months she’s been driving these things and telling me stories. Now that I’ve really gotten a chance to experience this with her, I’m way more impressed. She’s a bad ass mother trucker, for sure.



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