Skyline Drive Road Trip

A few weekends ago we took a very impromptu day trip in the middle of the afternoon, and headed down 81 South to Shenandoah National Park. Over an hour later, we started our trip on Skyline Drive at the beginning, in Front Royal.



Even when I lived back home in Jersey, I wanted to take a long weekend to camp down here, as I had heard how beautiful it was. The drive was pretty peaceful most of the way, as there wasn’t a ton of traffic. I imagine in the fall it would be beautiful & crowded.


There was a storm in the distance that we could see when at the overlooks on our left (I’m not sure what direction that would be. East maybe?)



The lookouts on our right were still pretty sunny, although we could see the fog rolling in.



I can’t believe we’ve lived this close to the park for a year and a half and haven’t been here. We bought a season pass, good till next May, so hopefully we’ll get some good use out of it.


Then, the fog came. And it made looking out at overlooks sort of difficult.



I REALLY wanted to see a bear. Like, especially since we were in a car and not hiking. No bears, but I did see two forms of wildlife:


Getting away from the house, doing something different, and exploring nature is good for the soul.


We’ll be camping in two days at Rickett’s Glen State Park in upstate PA, where we’ll be able to hike and kayak and see lots of nature. I’m looking forward to it.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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