City girl camps

Here’s the thing. I never camped growing up. EVER. I am from the city and it’s just not something we did. I was probably 22ish the first time I ever went camping. I went with my ex and her friend late on a Friday night to the woods, about 45 minutes from my house in Jersey. It was dark by the time we all got there, and pouring rain. They set up the tent in the downpour while I was inside blowing up air mattresses and making beds. We had Frosted Flakes for dinner and then went to sleep. It’s a memory I look back on fondly, but I’m not really interested in repeating. After that, our tent camping became a little more high tech until eventually we got a camper. SUPER HIGH TECH! We were able to take the dogs with us, have air conditioning, and keep the bugs out. It was my kind of camping. And then, we split and the camper was no more.

Back to tent camping.


I actually love tent camping. You know what I DON’T love? Setting it up.


It gets me cranky just thinking about it. The tent is awesome, and both Brooke and I know how to put it up, but it just takes a while. It’s a big tent! There are lots of poles to put together and rods to snap into place and a million straps to tie. Uhh, and that’s just the first thing! This year, we bought a canopy to put over the picnic table. Yea, it’s a lot of work, but it almost always rains during camping season (and especially when we camp). This allows us to cook and get out of the tent no matter what the weather.


After we set up the canopy, we start getting the kitchen together. Also new to our camping gear lineup this year is a camp stove. Brooked cooked exclusively over a fire before this. And although we still do that, sometimes it’s nice to be able to cook on the fly, especially if there’s some other things you have planned for the day. And see that fancy kitchen table thing it’s sitting on? We found someone who was selling it last year for super cheap, so we bought it from them. A camping chef’s dream. At least, I imagine.


For instance, I’d rather be doing this than setting up the campsite:




You know what would be nice? If we could hire someone to show up before us and have everything set up by the time we got there. And then they could come take down camp when we’re done and drop it off at home. And while they’re at it, they might as well put it all away. What? Oprah did it.


The setup is usually always worth it though. We went to Ricketts Glen State Park over Memorial Day weekend, and it was sweet.




Sticker that was holding on by a thread on Brooke’s kayak. We lost her after this trip

Ricketts is also home to incredible hiking and waterfalls. We only did about a mile hike, but still saw some beautiful nature.





Camping is awesome. Camping at this state park is even more awesome. You know what would be even more awesome? Getting a pop-up :)

Look at this. This is some fun shit.





2 thoughts on “City girl camps

  1. We’re going camping in a couple of weeks, after a 3 year break. This post is making me kinda look forward to it…and also kinda not – the setup is indeed brutal, even with our tiny tent. :) I love the photo of the two of you. Beautiful. xoxo

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