In pursuit of skates: Beach

Back in January, we took a day trip to Virginia Beach to check out a local skate shop (I wanted to upgrade from my current starter skates). After a few hours there, we rushed to the sand and got some final glimpses of the sea before the sun dipped below the horizon. It was an unusually warm January day.



They didn’t have a lot of different types of skates to try on at this shop, but I did learn my first important piece of information when it comes to my feet and skates: The skates I had on were 2 sizes too big. TWO! Bummer.


That was the first time my feet stepped on the sand since – since I don’t know when. I miss the beach. It’s where I belong.


Since I didn’t have many choices of skates to try on, we made plans to take another day trip to another skate shop.


Next stop: BROOKLYN!


Number One

I read a lot of blogs, from all different types of people – straight parents, lesbian parents, gay parents, foodies, derby girls, young folks and old folks, campers, travelers, photographers, artists, struggling people, successful people, etc., etc., etc.

I don’t know where I fit in here, except that I want a place to be creative and share. It may not be very interesting, but it’ll at least be mine :)

And full of things I love.

Like kids.

And nature.

And roller derby.

And kittehs.

And family.

And my crazy awesome friends.

So you should probably starting reading this. Unless it sucks. Which is possible. In that case, just pretend that you like it, and don’t tell me otherwise.